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I hate you. You smell like cat pee.

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6/25/03 01:35 am - faeriechyld

Magic Number15
JobSerial Killer
TemperamentBest Not To Ask
SexualWhatever, Whenever, Whoever
Likely To WinAnother Gold Star
Me - In A WordUnique
Brought to you by MemeJack

6/13/03 09:47 am - keeosu - How Compatible are We?

faeriechyld 95%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Hey guys, I need some more friends, so please add me! =P Then you can sign up for LJMatch to see how compatible we are! Hoosh!

6/10/03 06:48 pm - keeosu - Oh yeah baby, that's the spot...

Mini-Putt rocks my world! My "low score" is 52.

6/10/03 12:55 pm - faeriechyld

Mmm, french fries. I'm not off my diet, though! Dinner tonight is really low in points! Not that I can remember the last time I counted my points. But still!

Anyway, is the new icon showing up?

6/10/03 01:08 am - keeosu - Koala Bears Lick Dirt

Koala bears lick dirt. That's what they do. It helps them digest their eucalyptus leaf meals. Isn't that weird? Because when you see an animal licking dirt, usually you think, "Stupid animal. It doesn't even know that it's not food." But they're probably like, "Stupid human, this is what i do."

--Robb from "Limbeck"

6/10/03 12:50 am - faeriechyld - Thank you Erica. =D



6/9/03 12:43 am - keeosu - Long Overdue

Finally! A community out there for people who smell like cat pee!

6/8/03 01:07 am - faeriechyld - Haha. I'm funny. No really.

Okay, so I was just really bored. Thank Amy for this randomness. Even though she doesn't have a journal.

You can post in here... uh... whatever. I don't care. Just don't be rude. To any other members. I don't want to get shit for this, yano?

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